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Human Skills Can Change the World for the Better!

We seem to need a reminder every now and then of the importance of what I refer to as Human Skills.  Human Skills refer to our communication skills and our ability to connect well with others. While these are sometimes … Continue reading

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Our Health Care Hero

Maureen Hession, RN, MSN, FNP-C, was honored recently as a 2017 Health Care Hero by Triangle Business Journal.  She was the only Nurse Practitioner honored, joined by MDs, nurses, hospital managers and administrators, and several health care related agencies.  It … Continue reading

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Southern Graciousness

Everyone is more than busy, with little time to spare.  But some people, not just Southerners, look past their own priorities to reach out and help others.  “Southern graciousness,” which does not just reside in the South, can replace some … Continue reading

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When Life as We Know it Changes

We all know that our life can change on the dime.  And mine did a couple of days ago.  Without going into the details, I want to mention my lessons from the experience.  And there are several important ones.  The … Continue reading

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Who Are Your People?

It should come as no surprise to anyone that communicating effectively with different types of people is hard work.  Although we know this, too often we fail to pay enough attention to this fact. We talk too much in our … Continue reading

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