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When Freedom Rings

With the birth of our nation’s independence being celebrated this week, the subject of freedom comes to mind. Other things come to mind as well, some troubling. We are living in a very complex world, with many competing beliefs which … Continue reading

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Don’t (Just) Do What You Are Told; Think for the Customer!

My husband and I are in the process of renovating our beach condos.  We have two on the same landing; one we rent, and one we use for us personally, and also share with our family and friends.  These condos … Continue reading

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A Friend’s Perspective on Beauty and Friendship

I am most fortunate to belong to a group of women friends who have been in a Lunch Bunch together for more than ten years.  We take turns treating our group to lunch once a month. (Most of us are … Continue reading

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Language Matters!

It’s in the SAUCE has several meanings, as some of you know from reading my other posts. One meaning is the importance of effective communication.  One application of this is the importance of choosing a direct and/or indirect communication style, … Continue reading

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