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Service Before Sales

The most important thing in retail is sales. Or is it?  If sales are insufficient, a company goes out of business.  So yes, sales are very important, even critical to a company’s success.  But too much focus on sales, or … Continue reading

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Love Your Customers

While many of us just celebrated Valentine’s Day with our special person, did you spend any time thinking about how you and your business shows love to your customers?  Or do you provide exceptional service all year long, like one … Continue reading

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Relationships That Last a Lifetime

When I think of being 65 years old, I am amazed.  How did I get here so fast? Those reading this who are near my age or older know exactly what I mean.  Younger readers may think they understand, but … Continue reading

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Changing Ourselves, Not Others

With a new year well underway, it is time to take stock of how it is going.  How are your New Year’s resolutions?  Have you kept your commitments to yourself?  I need to be honest; mine aren’t going so well.  … Continue reading

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