Children Grow Up When We’re Not Looking


The title of this post comes from a verse stitched in crewel by a dear loved one years ago. It was given to me when my daughter Tara was little. Tara is now the mother of our three granddaughters; Mary Grace, who turned fourteen this week, twelve-year-old Elsie, and six-year-old Virginia. I am amazed at how the years have passed so quickly. Time and years that will never return. Memories that are forever embedded in my heart. Memories and Traditions that will live on longer than we will. Continue reading

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Changing Me From The Inside Out

img_6917.jpgSometimes I think what I own owns me. This is not a new thought, but it is a current one. Like many of my readers, I am in the process of cleaning out; clothes, collectibles, and stuff. I have long since known that I have too much.  And I have also known how hard it is for me to part with it. I know where the problem comes from, and how deep it is. So, my process of cleaning out is slow. But I am in process. Continue reading

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Showers of Blessings


Dad and Rosie

Many of us in the Southeast have had showers for many days, showers of a different kind than blessings. Mike and I received showers of blessings last week when we visited with Dad and Rosie in Hendersonville, NC. Continue reading

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Showing Appreciation to Your Customers

All of us are customers of some businesses, and many of us have customers of our own businesses. We can probably name some companies that do not seem to care about their customers, even taking advantage of them. But instead of focusing on that, I choose to focus on the positive instead of the negative. We should acknowledge when companies show they appreciate us in ways that they do not have to. I have had some great examples of customer service lately, and I will remain a loyal customer of these businesses. Continue reading

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“Learning to Love Yourself, it is the Greatest Love of All”


A recent photo of Mike and me.

You may be singing the song by the same name as the title of this post. This powerful song was sung beautifully by Whitney Houston. Unfortunately, Whitney Houston apparently did not live by the words of her song. Sadly, it is too late for her, but not for us. On Valentine’s Day, it is fitting to think about love, and not just love of God or love of others but love of self. Continue reading

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Friends for a Lifetime

Recently I wrote about the different types of relationships we have. Some are for a reason, some for a season, and some for a lifetime. The past few days I spent time with a couple of friends and their families in Alabama who are friends for a lifetime. Our visits reinforced to me why these are friends who I am bonded to forever. Continue reading

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Keep Going as Long as You Can

img - dad and uncle barry

Dad (at 94) and Uncle Barry (at 87) Thanksgiving 2017

This is a hard time of the year. The holidays with all of their magic and fun are over, and we are left with cleaning up and putting away. Winter has settled in, with many parts of the country having more snow and bad weather conditions than ever seen before. Christmas bills have arrived, and it is amazing how much was spent on so few people. For many people, excess weight has also settled in, and the New Year’s resolutions to hit the gyms to get back in shape have given way to settling in and staying warm. We are two to three months away from relief from winter. It would be easy to get despondent, with not much to look forward to soon. But we should not give in to this seasonal sadness, for we have so much to be grateful for. Continue reading

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