Out of the Mouths of Babes


Mary Grace (L) and Elsie (R)

Our oldest granddaughters, Mary Grace who is 13, and Elsie who is 11, were having a conversation recently about one of their leaders. I decided to listen in, and I am so glad that I did, for there was a good lesson to be found in their conversation. They were comparing the behavior of one of their current leaders to that of the previous one in that same role. Regardless of our roles as adults, we can learn something from these wise young people. Continue reading

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The Doors of Maastricht

What does a writer do when the well is dry? One option is to dig deeper. Another is to go within oneself, searching for the message that needs to be delivered. Another option is to post more photos, fewer words! I decided on the latter approach for this post. So, here is one last blog post from our recent wonderful trip to Maastricht in the Netherlands, this one is about the beautiful doors of Maastricht. Continue reading

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Customer Centered Service

img_5971.jpgI have been a customer service advocate for many years. I have spoken on it, consulted on it, and written on it. My family and friends would say, I have been insufferable about it! It is in my DNA. So of course, I was excited to see new and different examples of exceptional customer service on my recent trip to Maastricht in the Netherlands. If these examples are present in the US, I have not seen them. Continue reading

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It Could Have Been Worse!


Raveena, British Airway’s Customer Service Expert at the Amsterdam airport

On Sunday morning when we were scheduled to fly from Amsterdam through Philadelphia to Raleigh, arriving home a little after 5pm the same day, Mike was awakened at 4am by a text from American Airlines with the news that our flight out of Amsterdam was delayed; a couple of hours later it was cancelled! Several phone calls to American gave us no good options, some options worse than others. There were no options at all on any airline out of Amsterdam that would get us both home on Sunday. One option (the worst) would get us home three days later after flying through LA.! What seemed the best option would have Mike and me flying separately on different airlines. We put the best of our options on hold to protect us with a flight, then headed to the airport to see if other options became available once all of the rebookings of the Philadelphia flight settled out. Continue reading

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The Most Beautiful Bookshop in the World

img_5991.jpgMike and I have been in Maastricht, the Netherlands, for the past week at the 34th annual International Apparel Federation’s World Fashion Convention. We have been to Maastricht once before, ten years ago, for the same meeting. I loved Maastricht then and was excited to come back this year. As much as I loved Maastricht before, it was even more wonderful this time. So much so, that Maastricht has replaced London as my favorite city in the world! Continue reading

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Don’t Waste My Time!


My wise friend Judy and me on a (too rare) excursion.

My bestie for the last fifty years, Judy, has had a saying for many years that I love: “Waste my money, waste my food, but don’t waste my time.” We all know that time is money, and none of us have enough of it. We cannot afford to waste it.


IMG_5481I am up early this AM because I could not sleep, and I have again, experienced the “waste my time.” I decided to make a couple of phone calls to check on a few things when I had time this AM that I did not plan to have. One of those was to my bank, and one was to a merchant. I should have done laundry instead, for I wasted my time. Continue reading

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To Tell or Not to Tell?


Sometimes patience is required when dealing with customers!

I am and have always been, passionate about customer service. Even before I started speaking and consulting about the subject, I have been militant about it. Business is too difficult for us to accept poor service. I believe we owe it to companies we care about to give them accurate feedback on all aspects of the service we experience with them. Granted, this is easier when we can give positive feedback. It is much more difficult when we think we should give the feedback, and it is negative. So, is there a way to give negative feedback that is more likely to be heard, and acted upon? I am not sure, but I have found some principles to work for me.  Continue reading

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