How to Make Sense of it All?

Two popular celebrities, Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, commit suicide three days apart, both suicides apparently coming as a surprise to many people. As more time passes, there will likely be some people close to both who knew of their mental condition, their despondency, or whatever range of emotions they were experiencing. Whether there was any indication of the possibility of suicide will be a harder question that may never be answered. Regardless of any of this, it is so very tragic when someone gets to the point of no return and decides that they can no longer bear whatever demons possess them. Continue reading

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All of the Comforts of Home


This is what vacations should be about!

My husband Mike and I travel a lot and experience many different kinds of hotels, condos, and houses.  Much of this travel is for business, and some is travelling for pleasure, often with family. Although I certainly prefer to stay in properties that are five star or luxury, and we sometimes do, much of the accommodations we stay in are mid-level as far as price point, especially when we are travelling for business and the client is paying.  (Mike and I make it a point to spend the client’s money as if it were our own. Well, to be most accurate, I must admit that Mike is better at how he spends his money than I am. While I am careful as to how I spend the client’s money, I am not so careful as to how I spend mine! To know more about this, read my recent book, A Year in the Life of a Recovering Spendaholic, available from Amazon.) Continue reading

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Is Service Getting Worse Everywhere, or Just with Me?

IMG_4149Our water service is with Aqua, and it has been poor for years, with many people in our area having brown water fairly regularly.  And the rates keep going up. Now the quality of the service and the service, in general, is even worse. Just a few details to explain. Continue reading

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The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

Image result for flagMy heart is breaking, and so should the hearts of others. My blog post last week was about the wonderful preschool graduation ceremony of our youngest granddaughter. The same day it was published we had another tragic school shooting and the killing of 10 innocent people. My words, “We had another tragic school shooting” are intentional, for this is our problem, all of us. While the politicians and many citizens debate the causes and solutions to this horrific problem, more and more children, young people, and adults continue to be sacrificed.  We should be ashamed that people in this great country of ours cannot or will not do more to fix this. Continue reading

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Don’t Miss the Moments!

IMG_4268It is that time of year again, when we adults attend countless graduations, recitals, and sports tournaments. We sit through hours at each of those, just to see our loved ones have their thirty seconds of fame.  Our granddaughter Virginia graduated from Happy Apple Academy last night, the third and last in her family to do so.  It was very emotional for our daughter, Tara, who has lived this same scene with her other two children, Mary Grace (13) and Elsie (11). I still remember when a couple of the Happy Apple Teachers brought Virginia a Future Happy Apple Student t-shirt when she was born, and now, almost six years later, she is graduating from there. Amazing. Where have the years gone?

Continue reading

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A Love Letter to my Other Mothers

img_4229.jpgHappy Mother’s Day to all mothers and those who have “mothered” others.  Some reading this have biological children, and some mothered others, without labor pains and delivery! You are all valuable beyond words. I have had both, and I treasure them all. Those women who mothered me without any obligation to do so hold a special place in my heart.

I have written in previous Mother’s Day blog posts about my mother. You can read those posts on My mother did the very best that she could at this important job of mothering; I truly believe that. As open and as honest as she was, she would agree that in her case, raising me “took a village.” My mother’s influence on me is unquestionable. So is the influence of several other “mothers.” Continue reading

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34 Years and Counting!


A toast to 34 years!

Where does the time go? I know this sounds like a baby boomer question, and rightly so since I am a boomer!  All reading this will understand one day, assuming they live long enough. Continue reading

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