A Legacy Continues


 (L to R) Mary Grace, Virginia, Tara, and Elsie In Avalon, Mary Grace’s cabin.

I had hoped that I would remember it, but I didn’t. As we drove into the campground gates, nothing looked familiar. I suppose that isn’t surprising since it had been thirty-two years. Saturday, July 27th, we went with our fourteen-year-old granddaughter Mary Grace’s parents, to Sapphire, NC to pick her up from Camp Merrie-Woode, where she had been in camp for five weeks. Thirty-two years ago, I dropped off and picked up our daughter, Tara, Mary Grace’s momma (Mary Grace’s name for her mother!), at the same camp. Thirty-two years! It is hard to believe that many years have passed. A legacy continues. Continue reading

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Those Lazy Days of Summer


Sunset on Lake Gaston.

Summer is in full swing. The days are longer, allowing us to spend more time outdoors. If we can stand the heat, that is. Raleigh had its hottest day all year on Monday, followed by a “cold front” on Wednesday, with much cooler temperatures. Even the weather is unpredictable. But there are some things that are predictable. One of those is Camp Nana when the granddaughters who live in Georgia come to Raleigh for a prolonged visit. This has been a tradition in our family since Mary Grace, who is now fourteen, was one. We have not missed a summer. Continue reading

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Change and a Wet Baby

Our world is constantly changing. One change that we experience is the availability of new services, even services that we may not be aware that we might want or need until we use them. I experienced one of those recently, and think I am probably not the only one who may not be knowledgeable about this. The service I am referring to is Instacart. If you are younger than the Baby Boomer generation, you are probably already aware of this, and even use it if you cook for a family. The fact that I was unaware of this and needed a younger person to educate me on it is because I am of the Baby Boomer generation. Continue reading

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Joshua Becker and Minimalism


What an honor to meet Joshua Becker!

I have few heroes, but Joshua Becker is one of them. As humble as he is, he would probably be uncomfortable being considered anyone’s hero. But nonetheless, he is mine. I first learned of him through a niece’s Facebook post (thank you, dear little Dianne, who isn’t little any longer, but will always be called that!) several years ago. I have followed him since, through his blog, his online course, and his books. It was a thrill to see and hear him in person this week in Charlotte. Continue reading

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Free to Be You and Me

david-everett-strickler-KpAi3H4MCbU-unsplashJuly 4th, Independence Day in the United States, celebrates freedom, our independence as a nation. On this day in 1776, the Continental Congress approved the final wording of the Declaration of Independence. Americans should remember how many still fight for this freedom around the world. While we are celebrating this holiday with family and friends, we should pause and remember those who died fighting for our freedom. We should never forget their sacrifice. Continue reading

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Those Lazy Days


Sunset from our deck at Caswell Beach, NC

How is your summer going? While summer technically just started a few days ago, in our area, the eastern U.S., it has felt like summer for several weeks. To the delight of many kids, school is out for a couple of months, and summertime activities are in full swing. Continue reading

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Letting Go


I have always had a hard time letting go of anything. This includes stuff, clothes, and even organizations. If I want to analyze this, it probably comes from my childhood, which was chaotic, at best. Continue reading

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