Thanksgiving 2019


Another Fralix Thanksgiving is in the history books. The last family members left Saturday. The turkey plates and other Thanksgiving items are packed away, and Mike and I are left with wonderful memories. Our gathering was smaller this year; 45 instead of last year’s 65. You will probably agree that 45 people is still a major crowd! Continue reading

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What Has Happened to Thanksgiving?!

IMG_2495This morning I read one more blog about a home being all decorated for Christmas, and I must ask, why are people decorating earlier and earlier for Christmas? What has happened to Thanksgiving? I have seen the Christmas decorations in the stores since September, I have heard Christmas music in various places, and I have noticed the wreaths on some of my neighbors’ windows since last week. Can we not celebrate Thanksgiving before decking our homes all out for the most commercial of all holidays, Christmas? Continue reading

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Less Stress for More Joy

thumbnail_IMG_2240Summer is finally gone, and football season is going strong.  We are in the busiest time of the year. From October through December, holidays abound. Halloween has recently passed, and, Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! With Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa in December, these add more activities to already filled schedules. While this can be a wonderful time of the year, the stress that can result from an already filled calendar can rob the joy and add a level of stress that can be overwhelming. Before Thanksgiving arrives, commit now to manage the stress so that the joy of the holidays can create wonderful memories.  Ok, you say; but how? Continue reading

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Doing More Than Talking


In last week’s post, I mentioned meeting someone recently, a meeting that I believe is divinely inspired. In this post, I will introduce you to Charlie and explain his impact on me. Before doing so, however, I should mention that had I not been staying in the Westgate Hotel (when I would have preferred to be staying at the Venetian or Bellagio!) this meeting would not have occurred. Blessings all around.

I was headed out to walk the strip and shop and was waiting for the elevator. I noticed a young man engaging a young boy and (I assume) the young boy’s father. They talked about sports for a few minutes, then the young boy and his father decided to walk to another elevator. That left me and the young man in the elevator lobby. I noticed his shirt, and immediately thought it was a message I needed. We introduced ourselves to each other. I asked Charlie if I could take a photo of his shirt. He said, “Of course,” and then told me about his trip to Las Vegas. Continue reading

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Everything Happens for a Reason


Mike and I were in Las Vegas earlier this week for a meeting. Las Vegas is a place I never wanted to go to until I went there! I had visions of seedy gambling joints, large unhealthy buffets of food, and a city that never sleeps. While there is certainly some of all of that, there is much more to the city. Continue reading

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Judgment and Compassion


I have a quick question for you, my wonderful readers. In the past forty-eight hours, have you made a statement to anyone else judging someone else? The judging can take any form. It may be judging someone else’s decision(s). It can be judging someone else’s appearance. It can even be judging someone else’s intention or motive. As for the latter option, we are certainly being arrogant if we think we know someone else’s intention or motive, for all we can really judge is their behavior, through our lens, and we can be very wrong. There are various other ways that we judge others, without being that other person, and without knowing what their life and choices are all about. Continue reading

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We make many decisions in a day, many of them without even thinking. Unless we are focused on mindfulness. When we choose mindfulness, our decisions become more conscious, and we can no longer act robotically. Well, we can, but we choose not to, which is one of the decisions we make. For we are more aware of the fact that in making decisions we are also making choices. All of our decisions involve choices. Continue reading

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