You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Till It’s Gone


A Covid-19 Care Package from our family in Georgia, including the sweetest handwritten notes from our three granddaughters!

Joni Mitchell’s words were made for this time. There is so much about our normal lives that is gone since Covid-19 arrived on the scene. What we do not yet know is how much of it will return, either because it can, or because of the changes we individually and collectively make. We probably have at least one more month of our current reality, then (hopefully) our new normal will set in. Continue reading

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My Happy Place


I love, love, love my AGA!

Growing up, I do not remember ever cooking with anyone. Not my mother, not my grandmothers, not anyone. What I do remember is the many good meals I had at the home of my youth group leaders, Jean and Marshall Jackson, who took me home from church with them most Sundays during my teens. It was in their home that I was fed in more ways than with food.  Seated together as a family at their table, I experienced having good home-cooked food and nourishing conversation. I have never thought about this until now, but that is where my love affair with home and food began. It continued in the kitchens and at the tables of my first Mother-in-Law, MawMaw, and Shirshee, who became my chosen other mother and daughter Tara’s other grandmother. These three women, Jean Jackson, Miriam Pennington, and Shirley Davis sparked my love for food and family, and I can still see and feel their kitchens and tables, laden with delicious food and more love than I had ever known. Continue reading

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Our Current Reality


Spring is here and Easter is coming, even when our current reality can have us focused only on survival.

This is my fifth day of (partial) self-quarantine.  While not (yet) required, my husband and I have remained in our home most of the time for the past five days. I have mainly only gone out to the grocery stores. I have also supported the drive-through at Starbucks and made one trip to TJ Maxx. Mike has ventured out to his office a couple of days, being only one of two (physically distanced) people there. I think for both of us our outings have been more for diversion than anything else. The rest of the time we have hunkered down at home, doing what we do during normal times; Mike on his computer, and me in the kitchen. So far, it has not been too difficult. That will certainly change if this current reality becomes our new normal. Continue reading

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Interdependence During This Crisis


What a time we are having. There is no need to list the details since we are all well aware of them. Our world has changed overnight. Many people are suffering, and it is predicted to only get worse. First, there is the issue of physical challenges, including the coronavirus. We are told to minimize our physical connection with others, and practice social distancing. As a result of this, in many states, restaurants and bars have had to close to dine-in customers and limit their offerings to takeout and drive through. Continue reading

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What Do We Really Need?

IMG_2518 (1)Years ago, I learned the difference in wants and needs, but too often I have bought items that were clearly in my “want” category. I do not even know where some or even many of those things are. When I find something in my closet that I have worn so few times to warrant the investment, I wish I had the money that was spent on that item. Some of those items were most likely impulse purchases, and often, expensive ones. I am changing that behavior. One of my major commitments (you may call them resolutions) for 2020 is to manage my money, something I have never done. At 68 years of age, it is long past time. It isn’t fun, to say the least, but it is eye-opening. Continue reading

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The Little Voice and the Feeling Inside

IMG_2684 (1)How often do we hear a little voice inside of us, or feel in our gut that we should not do something, and we do it anyway? If this resonates with you, you can think of more than one example of this and wish that you had listened to the voice or followed the feeling you had! If you have not experienced this, you can read this to better understand others who are different from you. Continue reading

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Before It Is Too Late

IMG_1239 (1)I have often thought about life and death. Not in a morbid way, but in an inquisitive way. I have wondered about the frailty of life, and how some live a very long life, and others don’t. I am not sure that I even know what a “very long life” is, or what constitutes a short life. But I am not as prepared for the loss of a loved one who passes away in their 60’s or before, as I am for one who departs this life in their mid 90’s or later. Continue reading

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