Do NOT Make New Year’s Resolutions!


Mike’s tradition of personalized ornaments he has been creating for our family since 1983. We have lost or misplaced a few.

It is December 31, 2019. Not, you say! Well, it was when this was being written, although it posted a few days later; today, January 3, 2020. I am settled in comfortably in my PJ’s, so thankful that I have long since let go of the need to go out partying or even to go out to dinner on New Year’s Eve. I have not decided if I will stay up to ring the New Year in, but probably not, for I am sleepy already, and midnight is three hours away! But before I turn in, I want to write a few of my thoughts before the clock turns to the New Year. Continue reading

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Oh, What Joy!


Patti (Nana), Mary Grace (14), Elsie (12), Drew (22 months) Mike (Dr. Danks), and Virginia (7)

Another Christmas is now in the history books. It is too late to lament over what was planned and not done. It is too late to wish that we had more time. Christmas 2019 has passed, and with it, all of our unmet expectations and desires have also passed. We can now rejoice about what we enjoyed, received (and I am not referring to tangible gifts!) and experienced. Christmas 2019 will live forever in our hearts. Continue reading

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“Help Me” Means Do It My Way!

IMG_1271 (1)A friend and I were talking recently about different things, including how ready we are, or aren’t, for the Christmas holiday. We commiserated about the fact that with only a week to go, both of us are still finishing decorating! One of our challenges is receiving and accepting help from others. While in the past we were more than able to do what we needed to do ourselves, for different reasons, this year we need help from others. When we receive the help, it isn’t always to our liking! In essence, sometimes the other person wants to do things their way, instead of just doing what we ask them to do. My friend made a profound comment about this. She said, “Help me means do it my way!” This was great insight to me; I had not connected that before. But her words rang so true. Continue reading

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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!


Our neighborhood entrance.

Mike and I are spending most of our time at home in Raleigh since his ankle fusion on November 20th. Due to his surgery and needed recovery, Mike is non-weight bearing on his right foot for 8-10 weeks. Although he is non-weight bearing, Mike is still working digitally and has as many conference calls as when he is ambulatory. Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season


A photo of one of our Christmas trees in 2017. Where did the past two years go?!

‘Tis the season for merry and bright. ‘Tis the season for trees, tinsel, and toys. ‘Tis the season for carols and cookies. And, if we are not careful, ’tis the season for overwhelm. The challenge is to enjoy all that the season has to offer, without being consumed by it. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2019


Another Fralix Thanksgiving is in the history books. The last family members left Saturday. The turkey plates and other Thanksgiving items are packed away, and Mike and I are left with wonderful memories. Our gathering was smaller this year; 45 instead of last year’s 65. You will probably agree that 45 people is still a major crowd! Continue reading

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What Has Happened to Thanksgiving?!

IMG_2495This morning I read one more blog about a home being all decorated for Christmas, and I must ask, why are people decorating earlier and earlier for Christmas? What has happened to Thanksgiving? I have seen the Christmas decorations in the stores since September, I have heard Christmas music in various places, and I have noticed the wreaths on some of my neighbors’ windows since last week. Can we not celebrate Thanksgiving before decking our homes all out for the most commercial of all holidays, Christmas? Continue reading

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