Disservice at JFK Airport


“ There were many steps on this journey!”

Mike and I flew to JFK airport from Raleigh/Durham, arriving there about 1:30 pm on Saturday. We were going to Moscow, Russia via Warsaw, Poland. (Business for Mike, pure pleasure for me!) We were prepared for a long day at JFK, or we thought we were prepared, because our flight to Warsaw did not depart until 11:30 pm! Ten hours in an airport is a long layover, but we were prepared with computer work we could do, or so we thought. We planned to spend the day working in an airport lounge. Little did we know that we would not have access to an airport lounge until 8:30 pm that night, seven hours after arrival! That was not the worst of the experience, however. But I am getting a little ahead of myself. Continue reading

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Commitments or Plans?


Mike, Rosie’s son David, Rosie, Dad, and (behind the camera) Patti celebrating Rosie’s 86th Birthday!

I have written more than once about the difference in New Year’s Resolutions and Commitments. Riding home yesterday from a short visit to Hendersonville, NC, to visit Mike’s Dad’s wife, Mum Rosie, for her 86th birthday, it occurred to me to broaden this clarification. I believed that this distinction was worthy of being compared to more than Resolutions, such as “Plans.” Now, I have never researched the difference in any of these words. It has just made sense to me that there is a difference. I, and you, my readers, are about to find out! Continue reading

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Sometimes Words Will Not Come

There are times that our well is dry, and words won’t come. This is problematic for a writer committed to a weekly blog! Although I have few of these times, this is one of them. Beauty can stand alone and speak when words won’t come. Continue reading

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Children Grow Up When We’re Not Looking


The title of this post comes from a verse stitched in crewel by a dear loved one years ago. It was given to me when my daughter Tara was little. Tara is now the mother of our three granddaughters; Mary Grace, who turned fourteen this week, twelve-year-old Elsie, and six-year-old Virginia. I am amazed at how the years have passed so quickly. Time and years that will never return. Memories that are forever embedded in my heart. Memories and Traditions that will live on longer than we will. Continue reading

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Changing Me From The Inside Out

img_6917.jpgSometimes I think what I own owns me. This is not a new thought, but it is a current one. Like many of my readers, I am in the process of cleaning out; clothes, collectibles, and stuff. I have long since known that I have too much.  And I have also known how hard it is for me to part with it. I know where the problem comes from, and how deep it is. So, my process of cleaning out is slow. But I am in process. Continue reading

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Showers of Blessings


Dad and Rosie

Many of us in the Southeast have had showers for many days, showers of a different kind than blessings. Mike and I received showers of blessings last week when we visited with Dad and Rosie in Hendersonville, NC. Continue reading

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Showing Appreciation to Your Customers

All of us are customers of some businesses, and many of us have customers of our own businesses. We can probably name some companies that do not seem to care about their customers, even taking advantage of them. But instead of focusing on that, I choose to focus on the positive instead of the negative. We should acknowledge when companies show they appreciate us in ways that they do not have to. I have had some great examples of customer service lately, and I will remain a loyal customer of these businesses. Continue reading

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