Mindlessness and Mindfulness


Mike and I had a lovely afternoon listening to music in Key West.

Lately, I have been thinking about mindlessness and mindfulness. While mindfulness is a fairly common topic and one which also interests me, we also need to think about mindlessness.  We may not even be aware of how often our behavior is on autopilot. Continue reading

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Shedding and Growing


Soon the Summer of 2019 will be just a memory. The weather is beginning to cool down and Fall officially arrives in a few days. As one season exits making room for another, as the leaves begin to turn and the trees eventually shed their leaves, I am thinking of what I want to shed. Continue reading

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A Life Worth Living


A somewhat younger Will Fralix, but he never lost his hair!

He would have been 96 in December. Although Mike, his oldest son, wanted him to “have a few more months,” his body gave out. He died a peaceful death on September 6, 2019, with his beloved wife of seventeen years, Rosie, by his side. He had been in a hospital, and then a rehab facility, and had he lived another day, he would have been a hospice patient. But around noon on September 6, after being non-responsive for days, he opened his eyes briefly, took two more breaths, then made his transition. He had told several of us, including Mike, that he was “ready to go.” What a blessing for the family to know he wasn’t fighting death, that he was not giving up, but that he was “ready to go.” Continue reading

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The Second Anniversary of Hurricane Irma in St. Maarten


As Hurricane Dorian heads up the coast of the Eastern United States after decimating the Bahamas, Mike and I are in St. Maarten, remembering Hurricane Irma’s wrath here two years ago today. While Hurricane Dorian wiped out much of the Bahamas, its impact on the Eastern United States is still in process. Dorian’s wrath on the Bahamas has left many without homes and businesses, and at least twenty-five deaths are being attributed to this hurricane. The devastation of Hurricane Dorian is legendary. Our thoughts and prayers are with the many people who suffered Hurricane Dorian’s wrath. Continue reading

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Back in St. Maarten


Looking out of the front of our condo in St. Maarten.

It is that time of the year. Mike and I are on our two-week vacation in St. Maarten, a trip we have taken every year for the past twenty years, with the exception of last year, when we came for only one week. Last year our trip was abbreviated because our property was still under renovation from Hurricane Irma that occurred on September 6, 2017. More about that next week, on the anniversary of that major event. Continue reading

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An Angel in My Midst


I went into a laboratory to have blood drawn, never expecting to receive a blessing. I left crying, not from the blood stick, but from the blessing I received from the technician, Tina. Continue reading

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Empathetic Texting


It is a given that communication occurs more now through texting than by face to face or phone. I wish it were not so, but it is. Me too. I find that it is much easier to send a text than to call, so I often do. While texting is great for efficiency, it often lacks in effectiveness. I am finding of late that common courtesies are often missed when “talk” occurs through text. I am sure that I have made the same mistakes that I write about, without even thinking about it. In this blog post, I am discussing one of the most common mistakes made when talking by text. Continue reading

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