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Relationships Through The Years

When asked, most people would list relationships, especially family and friends, as most important, yet their calendar would indicate otherwise.  This time of the year many are with family more than at other times.  But what about friends?  Do you … Continue reading

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Hope & Focus

At my soon to be 64 years, I am well aware that I will run out of life before I run out of living.  I do not know when that will happen, but I do know that it will likely … Continue reading

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Creating A Healthy Workplace

Since 1993 my career has been focused on creating positive change in work, life and family for individuals, teams, and systems. One of my passions is creating happier, healthier, and productive workplaces. My reason for this is that most people … Continue reading

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Thinking Outside The Triangle™

  Many business people today are well aware that innovation is the key to success in the present and future.  Not nearly as many people are clear about how to make innovation happen.  Too may of us are simply doing … Continue reading

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God Bless Us Everyone

How many shootings will have to occur in the U.S. before we begin to solve the underlying problems of our society that result in these tragic events?  Before saying anything else, I must express my sincere condolences to the families, … Continue reading

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