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Camp Nana 2017

This year’s Camp Nana has come and gone, as quickly as the years have passed since these three precious granddaughters have been blessing our lives.  I think the best example of how quickly time flies is how fast our grandchildren … Continue reading

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Southern Graciousness

Everyone is more than busy, with little time to spare.  But some people, not just Southerners, look past their own priorities to reach out and help others.  “Southern graciousness,” which does not just reside in the South, can replace some … Continue reading

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How Could It Be, Another Weather Disruption?!

Just a week after the weather disruption I wrote about a couple of days ago, here we are dealing with another one.  While last week’s disruption involved warmth of a roaring fire, good food, and time to leisurely clean out … Continue reading

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Blessed Beyond Compare

The Thanksgiving holiday affords us the opportunity to take stock of our blessings.  We should not need a holiday to remind us of how fortunate many of us are. But this holiday does seem to slow us down between the … Continue reading

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The Joy of Holidays and Family

Summer has come and gone, and football season is going strong.  We have just entered the busiest time of the year.  From October through December, holidays abound.  With Halloween in October, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa in … Continue reading

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I Just Want You To Be A Mom!

Where oh’ where does the time go?  The words, “I just want you to be a Mom!” were spoken by Mary Grace a few years ago as her mom, our daughter Tara, was being sworn in as a Magistrate Judge. … Continue reading

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Hospitality in the Deep South

I feel like I am living (really visiting)  in another time, and I guess I am.  I have been in Alabama for a week, for two separate events with long term friends.  One was the baby shower for a friend’s … Continue reading

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