Camp Nana 2017

This year’s Camp Nana has come and gone, as quickly as the years have passed since these three precious granddaughters have been blessing our lives.  I think the best example of how quickly time flies is how fast our grandchildren grow up.  It is hard for me to believe that Mary Grace is 12, Elsie is 10, and Virginia is now 5, having celebrated her 5th birthday earlier this week.  My times with them create some of my favorite memories, and I hope, theirs. 

The girls came to Raleigh with their parents on 6/17, and I left them yesterday, after having taken them home and spending a few days with them there, and celebrating Virginia’s birthday.  Although I miss them all the time, the “misses” are worst when I have been with them for a few days. There is a hole in my heart that aches for a few days once we are apart.  This reminds me of how I felt when I was separated from my Grandmother Grace, the grandmother who raised me from my early years until I was 9.  I can vividly remember being separated from her, and the loss I felt.  Grandmother Grace passed away in 1975, less than one month after Tara, the mother of these wonderful grandchildren, was born.  While the loss of this wonderful grandmother is still with me, the memories of her love and caring are also. 

Mary Grace, Elsie, Virginia and I played, shopped, and cooked together during this year’s Camp Nana.  We had a special activity each day.  Mary Grace and Elsie went to Baking Camp at Sur La Table for five mornings, (compliments of their parents) while Virginia relaxed in the mornings.  In the afternoons, we went to Marbles Kids Museum, Frankie’s Arcade, Tea at Oak Park Tea Room, and one afternoon was spent at the pool with Lolly.  There was also a shopping excursion, which included new Converse sneakers for all three girls.

While the activities and the purchases are fun and appreciated, I think the girls care more for the time spent with their grandparents and relatives than they do anything else they receive. While we call this time “Camp Nana,” it is also Camp MoMo.  MoMo moves in with us and does as much with and for the girls as I do.  Dr. Danks was working out of town for most of the week, but enjoyed his time with the girls when he was home.  Cousin Bridget, who the girls love to be with and who gives them special time, spent a couple of nights with them and enjoyed Marbles Museum with us.  And Aunt Chatham, Uncle Johnathan, and Lolly and family came over while the girls were in town, making our memories even more special. 

Summer is a wonderful time for relaxing, being with family and friends, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. This year’s Camp Nana certainly qualifies for all of this, other than perhaps the “relaxing” part.  I am exhausted!

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  1. Making special memories to last a lifetime…Mary Grace, Elsie, and Virginia are blessed with a very special and loving Nana!

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