The Synergy of Relationships

The philosophy of It’s in the SAUCE® includes that the magic is in our relationships, the combination of our differences and strengths that create powerful synergy.  This is true personally as well as professionally.  Many people had a great example of this on a personal level recently when thinking of and celebrating Valentine’s Day; I know that I did.  Some think Valentine’s Day (and some other celebratory days as well!) are perpetuated by Hallmark for the sole purpose of driving sales.  But if that is even true, is there anything wrong with a day set aside to celebrate love?  My husband is my best friend, and he and I have a symbiosis that results in our combination creating synergy that is impossible on an individual, level.  We have been married for almost 31 years, and the love I feel for him is stronger now than it was in the early years.  I am very grateful for our relationship, and do not take it for granted.

It should be noted that not everyone has nor does everyone even want a romantic relationship.  Friends and family can be all that one needs to feel connected emotionally to others.  Celebrating this closeness is not just good for the heart but for health in general.  Research is clear on this.  People who have healthy relationships are healthier in general, are happier, and have better morbidity and mortality statistics.

Another example of the magic of relationships is the recent 40 year anniversary celebration of Saturday Night Live.  Now, I must admit, I have watched very few SNLs through the years, but it was difficult to   miss the 40th celebration, if you were watching anything at all on NBC around this time.  So I tuned in for the 40th, and was very impressed with the synergy of those relationships.  Although much credit for SNL’s success was (and rightly so) given to its creator, Lorne Michaels, there is no way that he could have had such a successful run had it not been for the team of actors and technical people who surrounded him.   This reinforces the importance of professional relationships and the direct connection to business success.  It is rare for an individual to be successful without the involvement and support of others.

One meaning of It’s in the SAUCE® is: just like the best sauces are a combination of flavors, not one flavor or ingredient, the best teams are a combination of differences, not people who are alike.  If the members of a team are too much alike, the efforts of their work can too often be “group think.”  “Group think” behavior, while it may feel good for individuals to have their own opinions validated by other team members, is not very effective.  Group think teams cannot make the best and most comprehensive decisions.  This is even truer given greater diversity.  For teams to work well together, however, requires that the individuals understand and even value their differences.  Personality tools like It’s in the SAUCE® are a great resource for teams committed to maximizing their effectiveness.

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About Patti Fralix

Patti Fralix inspires positive change in work, life, and family through Speaking, Consulting, and Coaching in three specialty areas: Leadership, Managing Differences, and Customer Service. Her leadership firm, The Fralix Group, Inc., has been helping clients achieve practical and tangible results for twenty-two years.
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