Making Memories


Stephen, Elsie, Tara, Mary Grace, and Virginia

For the past six years, our family has taken a winter ski trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Our children and grandchildren ski, and Mike and I relax, glad to be able to share this time with them. Some years there are more of us on this trip than there is this year. Work and other commitments precluded some of our family from making the trip this year. Daughter Tara and her family and Mike and I are the constants, having been on each trip to Steamboat.


Cinnamon oat griddle cakes at the Creekside Cafe in downtown Steamboat Springs. Very delicious!

Steamboat is a wonderful winter land for families. It has had lots of snow this season, and the most this year of any of our trips. Since we have been making this trip to Steamboat, only one year has the snow been sparse, and it was the year we travelled in March.


Virginia having her afternoon hot chocolate after skiing

Mike and I must be especially careful this time, for he is still recovering from ankle surgery, and I have just been diagnosed with Osteoporosis. Neither one of us needs to fall. We have brought enough boots and warm weather clothes to weather the weather, as long as we stay upright! A friend who has been at Steamboat the week before we arrived had the unfortunate event of falling and incurring a fractured shoulder blade, thus being sidelined from skiing for the rest of the season. Mike and I can avoid any such mishap by not being on skis at all!


Mary Grace, Elsie, and Virginia about to be fitted for ski boots, skis, and poles.

Watching our granddaughters ski is a delight. Virginia, at almost 7 years and 8 months, is a natural, having skied since she was 3. Mary Grace, just shy of 15, loves to ski and is quite proficient at it. Elsie, 13, also skis well, and like Mary Grace and Virginia, takes ski lessons each year. Their dad, Stephen, loves to ski and makes sure to keep them safe why pushing them to improve their skill each year. Mom Tara skis enough to be involved but can also be found at the base reading a book!


Dr. Danks (Mike) and Nana (Patti) out for brunch while the family is skiing.

Since Mike and I married almost thirty-six years ago we have travelled with our children every year. When the girls were younger, we made annual trips to Ormond Beach, Florida and Disney World with them and their friends. We all have wonderful memories of those trips. Since they have grown up and married with families of their own, our summer trip is to Hilton Head and our winter trip is to Steamboat. These trips have created traditions that have anchored them and us and provided a shared history of togetherness not found elsewhere. While we are also together for holidays, those are hectic times and do not offer the same sense of respite as do our trips away from our daily responsibilities. We are blessed to have these times to enjoy together and do not take them for granted. Making memories is what our trips are all about.


Our last stop is always breakfast at Winona’s before heading to the airport.

How are you making memories with your family?

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2 Responses to Making Memories

  1. I enjoyed this post my friend. I have been following Tara’s IG to see the girls skiing and enjoying hot chocolate. We treasure the memories of taking Seth to Colorado many times and to five different ski destinations. We are in Highlands, NC to celebrate our 47th anniversary. Love and hugs❤️

    • Patti Fralix says:

      Happy Anniversary to you and Butch! I am sure that you have enjoyed your trip to Highlands. Our trip to Steamboat was wonderful. The girls ski so well, and Stephen also. Tara is a real trooper, and enjoys it, but not to these are degree as the others. Mike and I enjoy seeing them enjoy it so much. I hope that you are fully recovered. Have a wonderful day, my friend.

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