34 Years and Counting!


A toast to 34 years!

Where does the time go? I know this sounds like a baby boomer question, and rightly so since I am a boomer!  All reading this will understand one day, assuming they live long enough.

Mike and I have been in the UK for a week, first in London, then Leeds.  The Leeds portion of the trip is a business trip for Mike. He decided to bring me along and spend some time in London on the way over, since London is my favorite city, and we celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary on April 28th.


Found in a magazine in the airport lounge

It was a pleasant surprise to see some women friends I travel with periodically on the same flight to London.  They were headed to Sicily through London.  This is a trip I would have loved to have taken, but it wasn’t the right time.  It was great to see them.  And one of them, Rose, took the anniversary toast picture of Mike and me on the plane.

Mike on our first day in London

The London portion of the trip was wonderful. We have done the usual tourist attractions in years past, so this time, we skipped most of those. The weather was cold and rainy most of the time, so relaxing inside was an easy choice. We did go to Covent Garden, but missed my favorite market, Portobello.  I did, however, make my customary trip to Harrods, just because!



Covent Garden


Chips with English mustard are a favorite food when in the U.K. 

I have not been to Leeds before, and it was nice to travel by train through the countryside on that two-hour trip. The Leeds portion of the trip was bittersweet.  It was wonderful to visit a city in the U.K. that I had not seen before. The architecture was beautiful and there were lovely shops all around.  And even more importantly, the people were friendly and helpful.

The “bittersweet” part of the Leeds visit relates to the loss of a friend who lived in Leeds.  Anna Upchurch was a friend I knew in Raleigh who went to England for her Ph.D., then after graduating, took a faculty position at the University of Leeds.  Still amazing to me, Anna passed away in November of 2016 from Melanoma.  I am still in shock over her passing.  Anna’s death came entirely too soon. As will ours.


Flowers everywhere!

As we go about our daily lives, how often do we think about our lives, and how long they will last? Not very often, I surmise. But it behooves us to consider this and make our days as meaningful as they can be.

As for Mike and my anniversary, how could the years have passed so quickly? I am amazed that we have been married thirty-four years.


Leeds has the largest indoor market in Europe


Some of the beautiful architecture in Leeds

Where are you in this life? Are you celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and other special events? I hope so, for as long as there are celebrations, there is life and joy. When we no longer feel the urge to celebrate, we seem to close down, and life becomes more about getting through the days. I am not ready for that, and I hope that you aren’t either.

Mike and I are on to our next 34 years!  Oh, wow, I just did the math, and I will be 100!

What a blessing to be alive, and to celebrate our life together. For however many years we have.

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4 Responses to 34 Years and Counting!

  1. Happy 34 years to you both! What beautiful sentiments my dear friend! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip❤️

  2. Patti Fralix says:

    Thanks so much, sweet friend. We so enjoyed our trip, and being together in my favorite city. And the trip to Leeds was an extra treat.

  3. Sadie Mae says:

    What a gift to realize the value of each day while you still have some days to treasure your loved ones. Too often, that realization comes when it is too late. You are blessed to be able to be surrounded by those who mean so much to you and make memories so that when you inevitably are separated for some time on this earth, those treasured memories will comfort the ones left behind. Keep making memories!!

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