Everything Happens for a Reason


Mike and I were in Las Vegas earlier this week for a meeting. Las Vegas is a place I never wanted to go to until I went there! I had visions of seedy gambling joints, large unhealthy buffets of food, and a city that never sleeps. While there is certainly some of all of that, there is much more to the city.


A lovely and delicious Brunch at the Canyon Ranch Spa Cafe in the Venetian.

My first trip to Las Vegas was in 2006 when I was there to speak at a conference. The resort that I was staying at on that trip was removed from the strip, so I did not get to experience the city as I have on other visits. Also, that was my year of no spending, (which you can read about in my book, A Year in the Life of a Recovering Spendaholic, available on Amazon). So, on that trip, my shopping (other than for gifts) was limited to looking. Shopping is my favorite activity in Las Vegas, so this was difficult for me. But I was committed to my plan and did not waver.

I have been back to Las Vegas several times since that first trip. On one of those trips I was in a hotel close to the strip, but still more removed than is convenient to the things I like to do. On one of the other trips to the city, I stayed at the Venetian, which is one of my favorite hotels.


A fall display of beauty. 

What I love about Las Vegas is easy to describe. I love the weather, which is usually sunny and warm to hot, allowing one to walk outside and take in all of the sights. I love the beauty of the hotels, although some of those I have stayed in are not great examples of this. I love the food choices and presentation, which is another form of beauty. Then there is the beauty of the shops, which is certainly man-made beauty, but beauty, nonetheless.

IMG_2012 (1)

One of the many sculptures in the shops at Caesar’s Palace.

I love shopping in Las Vegas, even when my shopping is limited to looking. I believe the shopping in Las Vegas is the best found in any city around the world. The shopping arcades in the major hotels, including the Venetian, the Bellagio, the Wynn, and Caesars Palace are a feast for the eyes, and house every brand available, from luxury to less expensive commodity brands. I also love the shows, although we do not always take advantage of those on our trips due to business obligations.

On this trip, we stayed at the Westgate Resort, which is somewhat removed from the strip, yet within walking distance of it for one who enjoys exercise walking. Both days I had time available to walk and shop on this trip and I clocked almost twenty thousand steps each day. And I shopped and shopped.


Fountain outside of the Wynn Resort

I did not really enjoy our resort home for this trip, the Westgate Resort, and would have preferred to be at the Venetian or one of the other nicer resort hotels on the strip. My reasons for not enjoying the Westgate Resort do not matter as much as my insight that I was meant to be there.  Had I not been at the Westgate, I would have missed making an important connection, one that I believe was divine inspired. More about that in next week’s blog.

This connection reinforced my belief that there are no accidents, that all things happen for a reason, (credit to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, and her book, The Wheel of Life) even when we don’t know the reason until much later. This time, I was immediately aware of the message my new connection was sent to give me.


Happy Halloween!

Come back next week and meet Charlie and learn why I believe my connection with him is divinely inspired.

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