Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving 2019

We may forget some of our holiday gatherings, but most likely we will all remember Thanksgiving 2020, during our time of COVID. Most of us will gather in much smaller groups this year, heeding the warnings of the CDC and countless others. Our 65 family members will not gather with us in Raleigh this year, putting safety above tradition and the desire to be together.

One of many tables at Thanksgiving last year. Feeding 65 people takes a lot of tables, chairs, and china! Hopefully next year we can gather again as a large family.
Another table set for the Thanksgiving feast.

Many people will not travel to be together this year due to the risk of doing so. Mike and I, grandson Drew, and family friend MoMo will be in St. Marys, GA at daughter Tara’s for the holiday. I hope that our decision to travel to be together is a good one. We struggled with the decision, concerned about all of the warnings to stay home and only be with those in our bubble, yet decided to go, and will maintain social distancing and wear our masks. With son-in-law Stephen’s parents joining us, there will be 11 of us.

We miss being with Beverly and Uncle Barry this year.
The adult cousins had a contest that involved an adult beverage last year.
Mike was a week post op ankle surgery last year at Thanksgiving, and enjoyed visiting with the cousins at Sawmill Tap Room, where our Thanksgiving holiday begins on the Tuesday before turkey day. Not this year.

Photos of past Thanksgivings take me down memory lane and reflect how blessed we are. Seeing how much the children have grown, and noticing the other changes we have experienced, I am humbled by being healthy, recognizing those in our family whom we have lost. Two of our patriarchs, Dad Fralix and Chuck Monahan, are no longer with us except in memory and spirit. We miss them often, especially so at holiday times.

Dad Fralix and Uncle Barry at Sawmill Tap Room, Thanksgiving 2017. Dad passed away in September of 2019.
Virginia and Kennidy at Thanksgiving in 2017.
The young cousins at Thanksgiving 2017.
Mary Grace, Elsie, and Autumn at Thanksgiving 2017.

Hold fast to your loved ones, for we never know when we will be together for the last time.  The Steve Kinney family knows this all too well with the sudden loss of Stephen’s brother Robby seven months ago. Robby’s death left his family with a void that will never be filled.

A small gathering that began our 2015 Thanksgiving.
Virginia and Aunt Patty preparing for Thanksgiving in 2015.

Take lots of photos as you gather this holiday, and frame some so that you have them present when your loved ones are no longer present physically. Spend time enjoying being together, remembering those who are not with us, especially those whose absence from us in this earthly life is permanent.    

Dr. Danks and Mary Grace at Thanksgiving 2012.
Elsie and Dr. Danks at Thanksgiving 2012. My how fast the years have passed.

I wish you a safe and healthy holiday, however you celebrate. May Thanksgiving 2021 find us able to be together physically again.   

Our last large group photo; Thanksgiving 2018. Dad Fralix and Chuck Monahan will be with us in memory this year, joining us from above.

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  1. Beautiful photos and memories of past Thanksgivings. Wishing you and all of yours a wonderful Thanksgiving! Blessings my sweet friend!

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