What Has Happened to Thanksgiving?!

IMG_2495This morning I read one more blog about a home being all decorated for Christmas, and I must ask, why are people decorating earlier and earlier for Christmas? What has happened to Thanksgiving? I have seen the Christmas decorations in the stores since September, I have heard Christmas music in various places, and I have noticed the wreaths on some of my neighbors’ windows since last week. Can we not celebrate Thanksgiving before decking our homes all out for the most commercial of all holidays, Christmas?

I realize that some who read this already have their Christmas decorations up and likely have very good reasons for decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. We, of course, have the right to do whatever we choose about this. I am just amazed, however, that more and more people are decorating for Christmas earlier than ever before. Thanksgiving, which is all about family, food, and fellowship has moved over to make way for the commercialization of Christmas, and I decided to have a conversation about it. And before anyone suggests this as a reason, I realize that we have four fewer days this year between Thanksgiving and Christmas since Thanksgiving is so late. I do not think that the date has anything to do with this change.


My friend Pam’s (www.everydayliving.me) beautiful back porch decorations.

Perhaps the beauty of Christmas is the reason more people are choosing to decorate earlier, and goodness knows we need more beauty in our lives. Those who deck their halls with many beautiful decorations certainly want to be able to enjoy them for a reasonable period of time. I am just curious about how we define “reasonable?” And, if the Christmas trees are not fresh, (and I see this change also, that more people than ever before have artificial trees,) it does not really matter when they are put up. And of course, Thanksgiving can be celebrated in the midst of Christmas decorations. So, I suppose I am disagreeing with my own premise!


Christmas abounds in retail establishments beginning in September!

Regardless of the reasons for Christmas decorating being done before Thanksgiving (and in some cases, weeks before!), this is definitely a change. I wonder about the reasons for such a dramatic change, and decided to make note of it, and pose the question to my readers.

Thanksgiving is all about family and friends, and friends who are family, coming together to be together; to eat, watch parades and ballgames, and in some cases, do Black Friday shopping. As for Black Friday shopping, that is a change also; it has started already!


Now, for Thanksgiving and being thankful, I am so very thankful that my husband Mike’s ankle surgery on Wednesday went well. The recovery is long, (non-weight bearing for eight to ten weeks!) but we are so grateful for an excellent surgeon, Dr. Karl Schweitzer of Duke Orthopedics, and the care of Duke Raleigh Hospital. We are now home to await the arrival of our loved ones for Thanksgiving.


Daughter Tara was a precious baby, and she is a wonderful adult!

One more thing I am thankful for. Daughter Tara’s birthday is today, and I am so thankful for her. That year, Tara’s birth was sandwiched between Thanksgiving and my birthday one week later, and all that I remember from that Thanksgiving is her birth. Happy Birthday, dear Tara.


This skeleton at the door of the Same Day Surgery unit at Raleigh Community Hospital provides some needed levity.


As you make last-minute preparations for your Thanksgiving, some of you with your home all decked out for Christmas, may you experience all of the joy that being with loved ones can bring.

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