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Paying Attention to Discontinuities

  Change is disruptive.  Whether it is a positive change or a negative one, it is still disruptive.   Sometimes we do not see the change coming, and it catches us off guard.  At other times, we should see it coming, … Continue reading

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My Book Launch

The publication of my second book, A Year in the Life of a Recovering Spendaholic, occurred this past March.  Many of you have been so kind in your remarks about the book, and I sincerely thank you for your support.  … Continue reading

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My New Book Is Live!

More than ten years ago, I began a journey, a journey to address my Spendaholic behavior.  I wanted to be in control of my spending, and to do so, I knew that it would require major change.  I decided that … Continue reading

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Love Your Customers

While many of us just celebrated Valentine’s Day with our special person, did you spend any time thinking about how you and your business shows love to your customers?  Or do you provide exceptional service all year long, like one … Continue reading

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It’s in The SAUCE!

Those who have followed my musings may remember my It’s in the SAUCE! Personality tool. I developed this 20 question tool almost twenty years ago with the original goal being to quickly and accurately determine dominance, and the ability of … Continue reading

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Communicating Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age

It will be no surprise to anyone to read that we are all living in a digital world today. What might surprise some is the depth to which this has changed our ability to communicate effectively in general. This is … Continue reading

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We are Experiencing Higher than Normal Call Volume at this Time!

You know that when you call a business and you hear those words, you might as well get a cup of coffee and sit down with a magazine with your phone on speaker phone, for you will be waiting quite … Continue reading

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