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Speaking Truth to Power

Some will remember Anita Hill’s sexual harassment case against Supreme Court Justice nominee Clarence Thomas in the early 1990’s.  I certainly do.  That was around the same time that I was precipitously fired. I had been hired to make massive … Continue reading

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Service Recovery

It is my favorite restaurant, and has been for more than 20 years.  It is less than ten minutes from our home, and there are many other good to great restaurants in town, but this one has stood the test … Continue reading

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Let It Go

What do you do when you can’t resolve conflict?  It is a given that we will have conflict.  There seems to be more of it lately than ever before.  Our current political environment is a great example.   I have … Continue reading

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Be A Front Row Person!

It was dance rehearsal for our oldest and youngest granddaughters. The rehearsals were at staggered times for the different ages, so my daughter and I were there for the afternoon. We had been sitting and watching for a couple of … Continue reading

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I Just Want You To Be A Mom!

Where oh’ where does the time go?  The words, “I just want you to be a Mom!” were spoken by Mary Grace a few years ago as her mom, our daughter Tara, was being sworn in as a Magistrate Judge. … Continue reading

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It’s in The SAUCE!

Those who have followed my musings may remember my It’s in the SAUCE! Personality tool. I developed this 20 question tool almost twenty years ago with the original goal being to quickly and accurately determine dominance, and the ability of … Continue reading

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Communicating Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age

It will be no surprise to anyone to read that we are all living in a digital world today. What might surprise some is the depth to which this has changed our ability to communicate effectively in general. This is … Continue reading

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Be A Customer Advocate

An experience with a sales associate in a store in Alabama last week impressed upon me the need for a customer advocate.  I was reminded of my health care background, and the role of a patient advocate.  When I experienced … Continue reading

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We are Experiencing Higher than Normal Call Volume at this Time!

You know that when you call a business and you hear those words, you might as well get a cup of coffee and sit down with a magazine with your phone on speaker phone, for you will be waiting quite … Continue reading

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Please Come Back!

  It was a busy morning, made even more so by having to FedEx a Visa application for my husband while on the way out of town.   While he was in Walgreens having a passport photo taken to accompany the … Continue reading

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